Screech is a focus mutation that can stun, shock, or possibly damage victims.

Location Edit

Screech is located in the chemical plant west of Slagtown. It is rather easy to access, with no aggressive enemies blocking your path.

Effects Edit

This mutation grants:

    +2 to focus
    The command Screech

Advantages Edit

Grants +2 to focus, which is a significant advantage to add to your other focus mutations. Screech is also useful for debuffing your enemies in battle.

Disadvantages Edit

None, unless you have really crappy endurance and senses or simply choose to never use the granted ability. Then it's just a waste of a mutation slot.

Screech Edit

When used, the user gains a moderate amount of stress and makes a focus roll. If successful, the user lets out a high-pitched sound wave that affects players you are currently fighting with and any NPCs in the room. The screech briefly stuns others in the room, and depending on your focus (and a check against the opponent's focus), it can shock and/or damage the target.

Appearance Edit

No changes are made. Lucky you.

Messages broadcasted upon use of Screech:


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