Freedom CityEdit

One trick to weaken security is to drop plutonium rods next to them, they'll eventually die to radiation.


Uses a Samaritan, which does explode damage.


Uses a shock baton, and can parry very well.

K-9 EnforcersEdit

K-9 Enforcers are these terrible robot dogs that will hunt you down from anywhere in FreedomCity if you have a wanted level. They can be identified from the line From the (direction), you hear muffled metallic barking. If you're really tough you can probably kill them, but it'll only be a few minutes before more will come from the Clone Arrangers, so get where you need to go quickly if you've managed to kill them.

The problem with the K-9 Enforcers are not the K-9s themselves. They are fairly easy to kill if you have good weapon skills, but they are good for stalling you until a C3-50 shows up.


ARC-12 SpiderlingsEdit

Robot spiders that attack you with a needler when you commit a crime in Corpclave. Though not particularly tough stat-wise, Spiderlings are incredibly annoying because their low-damage needler attack paralyzes you for several rounds. It is curare. They'll send you to The Cube when you die. You don't want this unless you desperately need to grind science.



Middlingly powerful, does bash damage. Least threatening of all security agents.

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