set of still instructions, aka instructions

This sun-bleached comic book has been reused by some redneck genius for a scribbled diagram of an 'alkhal' still. Raging abuse of English aside, it seems simple to follow. You just need the parts.

It tells you how to make a wasteland still with the following components:
2 - soda kegs
1 - long steel pipe
3 - ancient coffee filters
2 - charcoal briquettes
2 - steel pipe caps
1 - actuated valve
2 - mugs
1 - pile of scrap wood
1 - condenser coil
1 - lighter
1 - coat hanger
You realize you could make this without needing a workbench. Making this would take a little knowledge of craft.

It weighs about 100 grams. It is a benchless recipe. You think it might fetch about $11 on the market.

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