Shimoji Kikoman is the gatekeeper at Kakuri Monastary. You get the Gatekeeper journal, worth 50 XP, the first time that you kill him. You also get the key to that big door he's guarding.

Shimoji Kikoman always wields a katana, which can be sold for $1750 at ammunation and is therefor a good source of quick cash. It also makes a great newbie sword, although not nearly as good as the Lotus Nodachi which can be acquired inside the monastary.

Fighting Shimoji KikomanEdit

He's really rather easy. He has a katana, but isn't very good with it so he'll miss far more often than he hits. Layered leather jackets are sufficient to fight him.

The nonviolent way past Shimoji KikomanEdit

If you're a pussy or something, you can -Shimoji join and he'll open the door for you. Good for getting back inside to get your stuff when the ninjas kill you for pissing in the fountain.

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