Lets you do sneaky stuff. Dependent on cool and senses. A high sneak score will let you commit crimes where there's a camera without getting caught.


  • a scramble suit adds +14 to total sneak as long as you are wearing it - but the suit lasts for only about 5 minutes after first worn
    • Even with this sneak bonus, Meksivik still alerted the cameras instantly when he attempted to break into someone's apartment. Probably needs very, very high sneak to consistently evade cameras.

Recent ChangesEdit

The cost of buying sneak was raised recently, as it apparently is more useful than most people realize:

  290 on *changelog-public (#105823)            // Mon Sep 22 21:33:56 2008 CDT
                                                // From: Gilmore
  Moved sneak's learn cost up, as it is tragically quite useful.


Sneak Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
Sneak Titles
total ? message


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