Solar Sponge is a soak mutation which gives resistance against burn, radiation, and acid damage. It also lets you heal when on fire or very hot (healing is determined how hot you are/degree of fire), and gives a maximum bonus of +2 to Brawn/Brains while in the sun

Location Edit

Solar Sponge can be found at ground zero, in the Wasteland

Effects Edit

This mutation grants:

    +1-3 burn resistance
    +2-2 radiation resistance
    +2-3 laser resistance
    Healing effect when on fire or very hot
    +2 to Brawn/Brains when in the sun

Advantages Edit

The heal effect on fire is nice. You can go stand in the orphan furnace and live, as it will deal damage but then heal you by very high amounts, enough to offset the damage.

You get a total of 3-6 radiation resistance which is pretty nice.

Disadvantages Edit

Takes up a soak slot.

Appearance Edit

His/Hers/It's glowing skin has a bleached-white look to it.

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