TT-77, aka {{{aka}}}

This is a massive pistol, with the overall length of a short sub-machinegun. The magazine inserts forward of the grip, acting also as a vertical foregrip to help the user control its hearty recoil. It is painted an ancient shade of OD green, which has worn in the usual places, revealing pitted metal. The hammer and sickle is struck on the decaying wooden grips. This device is surely a symbol of pre-collapse decadence.

The TT-77 is loaded with a 14.5mm silvertip magazine with 10 rounds left. It weighs 5 kg. It is a pistol. You have no idea what it might be worth. It's a two-handed weapon requiring skill in pistols. It's a fast weapon. It seems somewhat less accurate than usual. It does apocalyptic bullets damage. A skilled fighter could do a lot more damage with this. Installing a mod on this would be very hard.

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