teacher max raw location
appraise Brad ? Slagtown
He is also often in Panopticon Prison.
Avram ? Freedom City
Salvage Unlimited
blades Irving 4 Bradbury
Roshi Heihachi 4-7 Kakuri Monastery
Second Floor
Usagi Yojimbo ? Necropolis
Wanders around.
climb Smokey 8 Freedom City
Eschaton Outfitters EO
Purvis ? Ashen Valley
clubs Mace 7 Sewers
craft Donny 7 Freedom City
Ammu-Nation 2F Am
dodge Master Chuck 6+ to 15 Weezer Village
Ghost Dog 6 Gangland
Norman 3 Bradbury
fists Master Chuck 7 to 15 Weezer Village
Care Dog 5 Freedom City
Any Port AP
focus Guru 7<? Mount Fisty
Ghost Dog ? Gangland
fuck Mace 6 Sewers
He can sometimes be found by the bug queen.
Angie 6<? Freedom City
Hellfire HF, second floor
Veronica Moser 6>? Freedom City
Any Port AP
linguist Dr. Mumabe ? Freedom City
hack Bryce ? Slagtown
locksmith Claude-Henry ? Freedom City
Security Matters
medic Dr. Kigabe ? Stormfront island, at the bottom of the 800m climb
Roy Poorman ? Slagtown
Wanders around, but often found at the Bradbury (check all floors.)
J'Ink ? Crater Rim
pilot Bryce ? Slagtown
pistols Walter 4 Freedom City
ride Suzie 4 Freedom City
The Punisher ? Slagtown
Wanders around
repair Claude-Henry ? Freedom City, Smoot's Security Shack
Requires at least 1 raw
Dr. Kigabe ? Stormfront island, at the bottom of the 800m climb
Chester 1 Sharpton Projects
rifles Walter 4 Freedom City
Ammu-Nation Am
Heath 7 Slagtown - The Wide Stance
Virgil X>7 Coventry Island
science Dr. Kigabe ? Stormfront island, at the bottom of the 800m climb
Dr. Spengler 2 Ghostbuster store (requires mad scientist! journal)
Dr. Shuntt ? Sewers
Across the bridge in the lab. Mad Scientist journal required.
spears J'Mak 3<? Crater Rim
swim Smokey ? Freedom City
teach Sensei Kazama ? Kakuri Monastery
Second Floor
track Smokey ? Freedom City
Found at EO (the place to buy cocoons).
John McBain ? Freedom City
Wanders around
whips Suzie 4 Freedom City
Minnesota Phelps 7 to 10 Mountain Pass
Found wandering in the mines
Tyrone Belmont 6 Freedom City
Wanders around
Fish Salty Pete ?4-?7 Shoreline

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