Weezer Dam comprises the Dam itself, a pathway from the Open Prairie to Adamant Canyon, and the small Weezer Village. The village can be reached via the Dam or by heading immediately north once you enter Adamant Canyon. Both the path and the village are freezing cold during both day and night, it is therefore advisable to purchase a Parka or other warm clothes from a player or Austen's Furriers in the village if you plan on wandering around. You can move around Weezer bare-ass naked if you duck from building to building and run exceptionally fast (or swim in the water, it's warm) but for the price of some wooly underpants, why risk it?

Weezer Village has a number of stores selling otherwise hard-to-obtain goods, these include Austen's Furriers (Warm clothing), Hendresson's Prion (Helicopters!) and Carhart Laboratory Supply (Puppies! No, seriously, it's what it sounds like.) Other locations of note are the Dojo (training fists and dodge) and the recently added Semenarium, where Jack will pay you a one-time fee to jizz in a bottle and hand it over to him without asking too many pesky questions. He says it's for genetic engineering or something but really, who'd pay for your genes?

Weezer Dam has its own (rather small) sewer system, with a few luckless clones wandering around. They're not too tough, but if you're prone to taking beat damage it'd be wise to steer clear of them.

There is a Helipad on the northern side of the village, along a pathway carved from the ice, but without decent clothing you'll probably freeze running to or from it. It costs a little over $1000 to fly from Weezer to Any Port, and vice versa.

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