X-ray Vision is a mutation found in the abandoned complex. It allows you to see into people's inventories and into closed containers. Additionally, your ability to see through junk gets you +1 to medic, scavenge, and locksmith.

Location Edit

Bottom of the Abandoned Complex somewhere in mountain pass.

Effects Edit

+1 medic
+1 scavenge
+1 locksmith
xray <something>

Advantages Edit

The skills are always nice, and the x-ray vision is useful for checking if people are carrying valuable junk. The success of your x-ray, and how much you are able to see of a person inventory depends on how much clothing they are wearing.

Disadvantages Edit

You have trouble seeing in the dark. A lot. With this you will need to wear night vision goggles at night or carry a light source as you will be blind else wise. One way to counteract this is to get the chud mutation.

Appearance Edit

No change in appearance.

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