Yetifur is a second level soak mutation which gives even more resistance against cold and buffs when you are cold. Upgrade for Yeti Skin.

Location Edit

Yetifur is in the pit in Weezer Forest, one north of the bottom. Beware, as there are ice yetis and bears in the forest.

Effects Edit

This mutation grants:

    + cold resistance
    +1 brawn
    +1-2 beat resistance
    immunity to environmental cold
    +brains, +brawn when in cold areas
    yetis will not attack you

Advantages Edit

Yetifur gives you complete immunity to environmental cold which can be useful in the few cold areas there are in the game. It also gives buffs to brawn and brains when in cold areas, which can be useful for crafters, as you can just craft in your freezer for the +brains. In a freezer, you get +3 brawn, +2 brains. You also get +1 brawn and +1-2 beat resistance normally, which can be useful for partially countering leapfrog's disadvantages. Ice yetis and normal yetis will not aggro you.

Disadvantages Edit

Takes up a soak slot, you will feel more hot in hot areas than regular people which can be very problematic. Dishdashas will partially counter this.

Appearance Edit

S/He is covered in shaggy white fur.

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